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There is no doubt that most people make their purchases from online stores. There were restrictions in the past when one had to connect to the internet from his desktop. However, the deluge of net enabled smartphones now allows people from purchasing their requirements regardless of their location. However, many of them waste a lot of time, browsing through different websites until they locate the product of their choice. This consumes a lot of time. Would it not be great if these individuals received information and updates about their preferred products without surfing the net? This is where the email software makes its presence felt. It sends emails to all subscribers, interested in a specific product, as soon as the owner of the online store adds it to his inventory. Search online you will find many such programs available that automate the task of despatching emails. Instead of relying on a low cost program, you should purchase the best email marketing software.

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How does the software help your business?

First, you have to configure the software and link it with your website. Following this, you have to configure its autoresponder with a message like thanks for joining our mailing list.' You also need to add other messages like we are sorry to see you unsubscribe from our mailing list.' These are the basics. You have to configure your website so that it displays a text field containing an option for visitors to opt in for your mailing list. The moment a person fills up this field with his email and clicks on the submit' button, your website sends this data to the software. The program stores the email ID in its database and sends a confirmation message to the subscriber. Advanced programs also capture the IP of the person sending the subscription request. This helps it to determine the country the person resides in and put his details in a separate database.

The fun begins

The real fun begins when you set up multiple fields on your website and link them with the email software. The software creates a separate database for each field. This helps it to send promotional emails of new products only to those interested in such products. Obviously, you would not like to send details of the latest brands of cigars to a female. Programmed properly, the email software can even segregate emails lists by gender, age, and preferences. This allows it to populate the relevant database automatically whenever it receives a subscription request from your website. Suppose a female, interested in perfumes and lingerie, ticks those boxes on your website and sends a subscription request, the best email marketing software will send a mail to her only if you have added a new batch of perfumes or lingerie on your online store. In case you did not know, the email program also has the facility to update its database whenever you add a new product on your online shop. Each email contains an unsubscribe' link at the bottom. If a customer clicks on that link, the email program will remove his email ID from its database and send an email to that individual that he has been successfully unsubscribed from your mailing list.