Address Book/ Contact List 

Multiple Address Books - There is no comparison in the email software world for this feature. If you use more than one identity, or define your digital life by wearing more than one hat, then this feature is for you. You may keep distinct address books for businesses, home and other endeavours. Perfect for those who represent different companies or clients. 

Sharing of Address Books - Using the MailCOPA email client any or all address books may be shared amongst users.

Alias and Nickname Support - MailCOPA's alias and nickname support saves keystrokes by giving a 'short' or nickname to your most often used email addresses or email lists.

Mailing Lists - Addresses from address books can easily be transferred into mailing lists allowing you to send out reminders to all your customers, or vacation notices to all your friends.  With the MailCOPA email client you can even email to everyone in an entire address book without having to define a separate mailing list.

Address Books Screenshot

Addresses Screenshot