MailCOPA Email Filters

The MailCOPA email client has a huge array of email filters you can apply to both incoming and outgoing email.  Almost everything you could think of to do with an email can be done the the email filters in the MailCOPA email client.  See a screenshot of the email filters window

Here's some of the email filters available.

Play Sound. Useful to alert you when an important message arrives.  Using these email filters you can have the MailCOPA email client play a defined .wav file when email arrives that matches the filter parameters.

Make Subject.  If these email filters are matched the MailCOPA email client will set the subject of the messages to the defined value.

Make Status.  Automatically set the messages status to seen or unseen.  Useful for those server notification emails that you need to keep, but don't always want to read.

Print Message. Print the email being received.  Great for help desks that want to keep a printed copy of all support emails, but not personal emails.

Delete Message.  If you've created your own Spam filters you may just want to delete the message rather than have it appear in your inbox.

Mail Back A File. Do you have a file that users keep requesting.  Have the MailCOPA email client do the delivery for you automatically.  Scan the email for certain keywords, use these email filters and the MailCOPA email client will send the file out for you without any further input from you.

Forward to Address. Like to send your boss a copy of all emails that have a certain subject.  Set these email filters to have the MailCOPA email client do it for you automatically.

Forward to Mailing List.  Run your own group email.  Any message matching the filter will be re-sent to everyone in a mailing list.

Redirect to Address. Redirecting is like Forwarding, but redirecting keeps the original email sender details intact.  The mail will appear to have come from the original sender with a redirect, whereas with a forward it appears to have come from you.