FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The MailCOPA email program has been thoroughly tested. However, it is possible there are some issues yet to come to light.

Also, problems may arise which have fairly straightforward solutions. We are keen to get you back to work with the MailCOPA email program as soon as possible.

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which include some common problems along with their simple fixes.  There are also some answers to some non-support issues about how to use and configure the MailCOPA email program.

General Questions

Q Will MailCOPA run on Windows 7?

Q I don't want to lose any messages due to the Spam filtering going wrong

Q How do I tell the MailCOPA email program to leave my messages on the server so I can also collect them elsewhere?

Q The MailCOPA email program always puts my cursor at the bottom when I am replying to a message and always puts my signature below the quoted text.  How can I put the cursor at the top?

Q How do I collect mail from more than one POP3 mailbox?

Q MailCOPA only collects mail from the email address I configured when I installed MailCOPA.  How do I get it to collect from more accounts?

Q I have lots of email addresses.  What's the best way for me to configure the MailCOPA email program to work with these addresses?

Q Can MailCOPA send and receive email through Gmail?

Q Can MailCOPA send and receive email from my Yahoo! Mail Plus Account?

Q Does MailCOPA support IMAP accounts?

Q Your web page says the MailCOPA email program works with the AVG7 virus scanner, but I use a virus scanner from another company, will it be compatible.

Q MailCOPA won't set itself as the default email client on Windows Vista

Q I don't understand your licensing. Which one do I need and what will it cost me?

Q I'm having problems collecting my mail, or I'm having problems sending mail

Execution Issues

Q A message fails to display properly, or at all.

Q "Good" messages are going into the Spam folder.

Q My inbox shows -1/5 or 4/6 but there are only 2 messages in there.

Q My toolbar icons have disappeared !

Q I am behind a firewall and Autoupdate fails to download any updates.

Q I received an email that had an attachment. The file was a .eml file, but either I couldn't open it, or it opened in Notepad, or some other application, or MailCOPA tried to compose new mail with it as an attachment..

Q I'm getting an error every time I click on a web link in an email.  It says Windows cannot find URL.

Q I have my message list sorted by date order, but the messages are not in date order.