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MailCOPA Email Software - Google Desktop Search.

The MailCOPA Email Software has a plugin available for the Google Desktop Search system.  You can get the Google Desktop Search for free directly from Google.

Once the plugin is installed The MailCOPA Email Software will pass all incoming and outgoing mail to your Google Desktop Search for indexing.  

You should note that Google Desktop Search is not multi-machine compliant like MailCOPA is, incoming message will only be indexed on the machine that initially received them, and outgoing messages will only be indexed on the machine that initially sent them.


The Google Desktop Search system also provides no way to delete data.  Once your message has been indexed, it will be indexed forever, even if you delete it within the MailCOPA email software.

Once you have installed the Google Desktop Search system, you can download and install the MailCOPA Email Software GDS Plugin and start indexing your MailCOPA messages.  Only new messages will be indexed.