Email Software Handles Multiple Users, Multiple Addresses

InterVations, Inc. has released MailCOPA v. 9, a multi-user email program for Windows that takes the mystery and drudgery out of managing multiple email addresses. If you have a team of employees using multiple email addresses on multiple computers on the network, MailCOPA ensures that all emails are stored centrally, and available immediately and securely to the people who need to access them. In addition, the software is pre-configured to aggressively combat spam and viruses. 

New features in v. 9 include the ability to assign any number of categories to each email message; the ability to paste pre-written text of any length, including fully-formatted HTML, by pressing an ALT key combination; a receipt-received icon that shows you which sent emails have been acknowledged by their recipients; the ability to create temporary custom filters to quickly locate emails; and automatic sharing of subfolders with other users. 

MailCOPA can bring together each employee's emails from multiple accounts, and store them centrally. The program recognizes that the emails in your inbox may have come from several business accounts, mailing lists, and even from your personal accounts. MailCOPA ensures that when you reply to an email, your reply will be sent from the proper address, and use the appropriate signature file. There is never a danger that you'll reply to business correspondence using your family email address. 

It's easy to share emails across the network. MailCOPA lets a team of employees answer orders, inquiries, and support requests, with no risk of emails being lost or answered multiple times by different workers. MailCOPA updates all shared email users in real time, instantly displaying on every workstation critical information about which messages have been opened or replied to. The program provides a simple, efficient way to manage incoming reservations, help desk tickets, technical support requests, and any information stream from clients and prospects. 

The program helps busy families manage emails on their home computer or LAN. MailCOPA keeps track of each family member's email addresses, signature files, and format information. Personal email stays personal, while shared information can be accessed by the entire family. 

With its emphasis on safety, MailCOPA is designed to handle spam, and to minimize virus threats. It's easy to set the program's spam filters, and to create custom filters to file incoming emails into their proper folders. There are built-in spam lists that identify most spam. You can whitelist incoming emails from friends and colleagues, to ensure that you always receive them. You can blacklist messages that you never want to see. MailCOPA even uses online spam blacklists to keep known spammers' messages out of your inbox. MailCOPA works seamlessly with all of the major anti-virus programs to keep online threats from invading and damaging your system. The program provides extensive Secure MIME (S/MIME) support, allowing messages to be signed, encrypted, verified, and decrypted. 

MailCOPA has all of the features that you would expect to find in a professional email application. You can import email messages from your current email program, or export MailCOPA's email messages to other email programs. The interface is fully customizable. The program works with text-to-speech software, allowing you to listen to your email messages. You can create macros and templates to personalize your correspondence. Messages can be threaded for easy viewing, or locked to ensure that they won't be accidentally deleted. There is a spell checker, a message search function, and a built-in image viewer. 

Whether you're an entrepreneur who wears many hats and cannot afford to have clients receive correspondence from the wrong persona, a business person who needs to provide employees with flexible email handling, or a home user who wants to eliminate the difficulties of managing multiple family email addresses, MailCOPA has the tools that you need. 

MailCOPA v. 9 runs under Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008, costs $39.95(US) for a five-user, single machine license, and may be purchased securely online on Affordable licenses are available for multi-user and multi-machine installations. You can download a fully-functional 30-day trial version from the same web address. 

For more information in the US, contact InterVations, Inc., PO Box 1017, Sandwich, MA 02563 USA. Phone: (508) 833-1660 Email: [email protected] In the UK, contact InterVations Ltd, 66 Warren Road, Torquay, Devon. TQ2 5TL UK. Phone: +44 (0)1803 213450 Email: [email protected] 


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About InterVations: 

Since 1997, UK-based InterVations Ltd has been developing and marketing innovative Windows software for business and home users. In 2002, the company opened an office in Cape Cod, Massachusetts to support its US customers. In addition to offering MailCOPA, InterVations offers an extensive "COPA" line of software, including FileCOPA, an FTP server that makes it simple for business people and hobbyists to run their own email server; NaviCOPA, an application that takes the hard work out of running a web server; PingCOPA, a powerful network monitoring application that lets network engineers monitor and diagnose problems; and RegCOPA, a Windows registry editor that lets you manage the registry without wasting time going up and down the registry tree. 

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