Some of the MailCOPA Multi User Email Program Screens

Here are some of the screens from the MailCOPA email program.  We can't possibly show all screens here as MailCOPA is a very large and very powerful system, but hopefully these screens will show you that MailCOPA is a modern and actively developed application.  If you want to see more screens why not download our free trail version.

The main layout

MailCOPA Main Screenshot

Diary Screen

MailCOPA Email Client diary screen

Set preferences screen for editing messages

Set Preferences Screenshot

Address Books.  Define an unlimited number of address books, which can be private, or shared with other users

Address Books Screenshot

Address Properties

Addresses Screenshot

Configure each folder independently

Folder Properties Screenshot

Select unique details for mail sent from each folder

Folder Addresses Properties Screenshot

MailCOPA's filters give you more control over your mail

Email Filters Screenshot

MailCOPA includes an HTML source editor for when you want to tweak your HTML email.

HTML Source Editor Screenshot