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What's New In MailCOPA V9.01

The MailCOPA email software is being continually improved, in response to feedback from our customers, and from our ever-demanding testing team. We hope that these will further enhance your enjoyment of our product.

Connect Log view split into two panes

The connection log window is now in two halves.  This allows easier viewing of what is happening online and what is being processed by MailCOPA.

Added a Regular Expression condition on Mail Filters

For those users that understand Regular Expressions this adds a very powerful matching condition to the MailCOPA email programs already extensive mail filters.

Added an email filter to scan only the plain text or html sections of a message

Mail filters can now be told to scan in only the plain text section or the html section of an email. 

Highlighting signature area

The signature area can now be highlighted within the editor.  This stops accidental editing or removal of the messages signature.

Surname now part of address lookup

When adding addresses in the message editors, the address dropdown will now scan surnames in your address book in addition to the alias and email addresses.

New stationery command %%FROM%%

New stationery command allows setting the From address of the message being composed.

New custom filter option for message list

To aid locating messages in large folders a temporary custom filter can now be applied to a folders message list.  Filter on any fields to locate a message or group of messages.






Added delete message item on viewer message menu.

The MailCOPA Email Software can now delete a message directly from the message viewer.  The viewer will be closed and the message deleted in one single click.

Added ability to share sub folders automatically

Sub folders can now be shared automatically with other users, this saves having to manually add sharing to all sub-folders when sharing a parent folder.

Quick text now extended so that HTML formatting can be added

The MailCOPA email program has a very useful Quick Text function where pre composed text can be added to a message that is being composed by pressing an ALT key combination.  Previously this text was a single, unformatted line.  From V9.01 this text can be of unlimited length and fully formatted.

New receipt received field

A receipt received field can now be added to the message list on any folder.  This shows an icon if a receipt for the message was requested and received back from the recipient.

Added customize menu to message list header

The message list fields can now be customized without having to go to the folder properties.

Added categories

A categories field can now be added to the message list.  Any number of categories can be assigned to a message.


V9.01 is a FREE upgrade to registered MailCOPA email software users.

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